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  Laser Treatments  

Laser Treatment is a process that uses a STRONG beam of light to cure SKIN problems. The term Laser stands for Light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation.

Laser therapy is a patented process that combines the unique properties of therapeutic light with pressure (pneumatic energy) to bring you a breakthrough method for the treatment of unwanted hair, uneven pigment and unwanted veins.

  Applications of Lasers:-   
Laser Hair Reduction
Laser for Pigmentation
Laser treatments for acne and scars
Laser treatment for Freckles
Laser treatment for Wrinkles
Laser treatment for Photo rejuvenation
Laser light is monochromatic i.e. of single wavelength. When as appropriate energy source such as laser is directed at the skin; light is primarily absorbed in the hair shaft and melanin. Heat is generated and diffuses to the surrounding follicular epithelium.
  Targets for Laser Light within the SKIN:  
  • Melanin [ in hair reduction and pigmented lesions ]
  • Haemoglobin [ in vascular pathologies ]
  • Water [ in resurfacing, sub surfacing ]
  Pre Treatment Advice:

6 weeks before Laser Treatment:

  • unscreen [ Spf 50] to prevent tanning
  • No plucking/ Waxing / threading / electrolysis on the concerned areas.
  During Treatment:  
  Laser Pulses are delivered in a sequential manner with a slight overlap with prior or simultaneous cooling.  
  Post Treatment:  
  • There can be mild redness , hence Ice application may be required
  • Use of sunscreen is compulsory at least twice a day
  Interval between Sessions:  
  On an average there should be a gap of 15 days to 3 weeks between 2 sittings.  
  Number of Sessions required:  
  Approximately 5 – 10 sessions may be required depending upon the location and cause of problem.  
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