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  Laser Hair Removal  
  A Non Invasive treatment for Hair Removal.   

Laser hair treatment is a therapy that targets the melanin in the hair. The laser light permeates the top layer of skin which is epidermis and strikes the melanin in the dermal layer. 

Hair grows in several phases (anagen, telogen, catagen) and a laser can only affect the currently active growing hair follicles (anagen). Hence, several sessions are needed to kill hair in all phases of growth. 

   Targeted Areas:- Targeted Areas:-  
Upper lip Side Locks Neck Under Arms Full Legs
Chin Pubic Area (Front) Chest Back    

DISCLAIMER: Individual results may vary, according to the patient's age, skin type, weight and lifestyle.

  Number of sessions :  An Individual may require minimum of 6 to 7 session per body part.  
  The number of sessions depends on various parameters,  
  • Area of the body being treated
  • Type of Hair
  • Skin color
  • Coarseness of hair
  • Body part
  • Reason for hirsutism
  • Gender.
  Intervals between sessions  
  Usually treatments are spaced three to eight weeks apart depending on the body area and the hair cycle length for that area.   
  For example, the face usually requires more frequent treatments three to four weeks apart, whereas legs require less frequent treatments and patients should be advised to wait at least six weeks.  
  Are there any Side Effects?  
  A normal reaction is redness which last for few hours.   
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