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  Face And Body Peels  
  A Chemical Peel also called chemexfoliation or derma peeling is the most effective noninvasive way to improve the appearance of the skin. This technology of graded chemical exfoliation improves a variety of skin conditions. Although chemical peels are used mostly on the face,they can also be used to improve the skin on your neck and hands.   
Acne Age spots and scars Pigmentation Dark Circles
Ageing Photo rejuvenation Freckles Fine lines and Wrinkles
  • Removing dead and dry skin.
  • Improving texture of skin and smoothening
  • Lightening Mild stretch Marks
  DISCLAIMER: Individual results may vary, according to the patient's age, skin type, WEIGHT and lifestyle.  
  • Improve coexisting Comedonal and Papular acne
  • Alleviate post acne erythema
  • Improve pigmentation at base of healed lesions
  • Improve the depth, contour and cause softening of associated scars
  • Added improvement in texture – glow
  • More youthful appearance of the skin
  Types of Peels:  
  • Superficial Peels
  • Medium Peels
  • Deep Peels
  How is chemical peeling performed?
  Chemical peeling is a nonsurgical or noninvasive procedure. It does not require any hospitalization. After properly studying the skin type and its sensitivity, the doctor decides on the type of peeling agent or agents and their concentration. The selection of the chemical agent also depends on the extent and depth of skin damage. The skin is first cleaned with soap water to remove excess OIL. The peeling agent is then applied gently onto the lesion or on the full face till the 'end point' is achieved. During or shortly after the procedure, the patient might experience warmth or stinging sensation for a minutes.  
  What Happens the days Immediately Following a Chemical Peel?   
  During the three to four days immediately following a chemical peel, most people have the following experiences:  
  • Increased Sensitivity
  • Redness - blotchiness
  • Tightness and Dryness
  • Deeper peels usually scab and swell.
  • Peeling or exfoliation of SKIN.
  Follow-up Care  

After a chemical peel, Followed up treatments are usually designed to enhance the SKIN'S regenerative process.

  • Use of Sun-screen or Sunblock is must for next 72 hours.
  • Use of Moisturiser is necessary to avoid intense dryness.
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