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  Fat loss & Body Sculpting  
   Factors that play a role in obesity include:  
  Age : As you get older, your body's ability to metabolize food slows down and you do not require as many calories to maintain your weight.  
  Gender:  Women tend to be more overweight than men.  
  Genetics:  Obesity (and thinness) tends to run in families.  
  Environmental factors:  Environmental factors include lifestyle behaviors. In this time our lifestyles have changed rapidly, with the ready availability of convenience foods and car journeys replacing walks to work and school.  
  Physical activity:  Obesity is found in persons who lead sedentary lives and pay less importance to physical education.   
  Psychological factors:  Depression or Anxiety leading to overeating.   
  Endocrine factor:  Obesity is found in hyperthyroidism, hypogonadism and Cushing's syndrome.  
  Trauma:  Obesity may follow due to damage of hypothalamus after head injury because it is not able to regulate appetite or satiety.  
  Medication:  Medicines such as antidepressants, corticosteroids and oral contraceptives can also cause weight gain.  
  Weight loss refers to losing kilos on the scale either from muscle, fat or water, while fat loss, isn't much about the scale but about getting rid of body fat in specific areas, losing inches in all the right places and looking slimmer. Fat loss reduces total body fat percentage there by reducing risks of Obesity.   
  Treatment of obesity is a combination of Fat loss with weight loss, which is best adapted by nutritious diet, lifestyle modifications and increased physical activity.  
  By balancing the intake of healthy calories from nutritious food with a good amount of physical activity, most people can maintain a healthy body weight for life. To achieve fat loss one needs to undergo certain fat loss technologies.   
  Who is the best Candidate for fat loss?  
Who has lost weight but now not losing anymore
Who has stubborn areas of fat or cellulite in otherwise non-obese individuals
Who is unable to diet or exercise and the extra weight is posing a danger to the health
Who wants a perfect figure or physique
Who have tried all means of weight loss
  Treatments for Fat Loss  
Inch Loss
Body Contouring
Body toning
Tummy Tuck
 Arm Tuck
Thigh Tuck 
  Precise Body Contouring is a combination of technologies from France, Germany, Poland, US and Spain resulting intoFat loss.  
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